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Simple Ways to Improve Ministry Security

Places of worship should be just that—places where people can practice their religion safely. However, with the high number of United States church shootings in 2017, many church officials now face an intimidating task for 2018: improving their ministry security and preparing for disaster.

The possibility of your church being attacked is not easy to come to terms with, but facing this reality is the only way to keep your congregation safe. At Captiva, our emergency preparedness team is made of former first responders and military members who understand the importance of keeping places of worship safe. Here are our tips for improving your ministry’s security:

God, Guns, and Protecting the Faithful

With the recent number of attacks on churches and other places of worship, how to respond to an active shooter or other emergency is becoming an increasingly relevant discussion for many religious officials. At Captiva, we believe nobody should be afraid of practicing their religion in their place of worship, and we are dedicated to educating religious officials about the importance of ensuring their churches are prepared for any emergency. The Lifezette features an insightful article about the importance of places of worship being prepared to handle emergencies: “God, Guns, and Protecting the Faithful.” This article captures the importance of bolstering places of worship with an effective emergency preparedness plan, instead of relying on armed members of the congregation or waiting for first responders to respond to the crisis.

Georgia Army National Guard Troops Use Captiva’s ATTS in Field Demonstration

On November 2, Captiva debuted the Advanced Tactical Training System (ATTS) with the Georgia Army National Guard with a field test demonstration. The National Guard troops ran scenarios with ATTS and got to experience its safety, ease of use, and data first-hand. The Georgia National Guard troops used all the integrated components of ATTS, including the M4 rifles, vests, IED/artillery simulator, and more. At the demonstration, Captiva had the opportunity to speak with S-4’s from several divisions and show what makes ATTS the most advanced and effective force-on-force training system on the market, leaping a generation ahead of current blank-fire training systems.

As the leading tactical training system on the market, ATTS is designed to transform unit training processes and help service members quickly increase their combat skills. ATTS can be coordinated to prepare your troops for an active shooter, close quarters combat, and an almost endless variety of other scenarios.

It was an honor to demonstrate the tremendous lifecycle cost savings and quick results that ATTS provides. The Captiva Tactical Services Group strives to provide the best tactical training capabilities to ensure our nation produces the most prepared and highly-trained troops possible, and we are proud to offer ATTS in our line-up of capabilities.

To learn more about ATTS, visit us online or call (703) 464-0400!