Ensure School Safety With Captiva

With the already-shocking number of school shootings quickly increasing in the United States, it has become clear that schools must review their active shooter policies and make adjustments to ensure school safety. A school should be nothing but a safe space where all can learn. Nobody can predict where and how emergencies will strike, but having an air-tight emergency response plan in place can save lives and minimize the impact of an attack.

Captiva, Inc. offers school safety services that can train school staff to create an emergency preparedness and response plan and maintain school safety. Our Safety Services team is made of first responders and former military members who are dedicated to informing others on the importance of school safety practices. We will help you increase your school’s emergency preparedness and safety. We offer a variety of safety services to principles, superintendents, resource officers, and other vital school staff.

Video Training

Our various video trainings cover a wide range of threats and provide in-depth instructions for how to handle violent scenarios. Our Shots Fired on Campus DVD helps school administrators understand how to protect students during an active shooter emergency. This DVD is available alone or as part of a full training kit complete with reproducible training materials that schools can use to inform students of what to do during this kind of emergency. Flash Point on Campus addresses other kinds of violence on school campuses. This DVD will help students understand what campus violence is, identify and prevent violence before it occurs, and learn what to do in a violent event. This DVD is also available as part of a full training kit. Both of these videos are kid-friendly, so even young students can watch and learn from the video.

Captiva’s videos will help both administrators and students become better prepared to face active shooter and violent emergencies. Educating, informing, and training is the only way to ensure your school remains safe in the event of a disaster.

Improve Your School Safety With Captiva

When it comes to your school, you should leave as little to chance as possible. Creating a strong emergency response plan and training your staff is key for keeping your entire school safe. Captiva, Inc.’s school safety services are designed to help both administrators and students understand what to do during an active shooter crisis or other emergencies. Our insightful DVD series explores how to plan for and respond to these scenarios and are available with reproducible training materials. Our Bolo Stick product is designed to keep intruders out, making it a valuable addition to any school.

Our highly trained and knowledgeable safety services team makes it their mission to inform others on proper emergency preparedness procedures. Trust us to help you improve your school safety.

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