Microsoft Business Central

ERP for Any Size Business

Your business is doing what it does best: making sales, engaging customers and growing fast. It can be difficult to find the time to improve your business processes or juggle multiple technology products in the middle of your busy workday. Partnering with an experienced ERP solution provider and incorporating cloud-based ERP software can help your business achieve higher efficiency, which leads to increased sales and customer satisfaction. As a premier cloud consulting services provider and Microsft Dynamics 365 reseller for small and mid-sized businesses, Captiva is proud to offer the Dynamics ERP solution to our clients who are committed to cost-effective growth and workforce performance. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a world-class, secure cloud system that gives you a 24/7 operational view of your growing business. It connects all the different parts of your business, bringing customer relationship management and small business resource planning (CRM and SMB RP) processes together into one streamlined system – scalable to the largest enterprises. This all-inclusive cloud based software uses a familiar, standard Office 365 interface and seamlessly incorporates the other Microsoft products that your business relies on. Particularly for small and mid-sized businesses, Microsoft Dynamics stands alone among the top ERP systems as quick, easy to use, accurate, and efficient – which means you don’t have to worry about your employees slowing down to learn a brand new system and user interface.

Access From Anywhere with the Cloud

Dynamics 365, as a cloud based ERP software solution (Software-as-a-Services, or “SaaS”), keeps all of your company’s information, data, and processes safe, secure, and backed up in Microsoft’s world-class Azure cloud platform. This is particularly important to protect against any incidents or issues that might interfere with your business, and keep your staff and processes working – a.k.a. a “continuity of operations” or COOP benefit. Dynamics is hosted by Microsoft staff, and these experts are always on hand to assist with questions or complications – beyond the customized, personal support provided by Captiva. This leaves you with the freedom to focus on your business, not spend valuable time troubleshooting the software that helps it operate. And because Dynamics exists in the cloud, there are no hefty server fees, just an affordable monthly subscription.

On-Premise and Hybrid Deployment

Business Central is designed for the cloud, but customers who need to run it on-premises or on the intelligent edge connected to the cloud can now do so. With Business Central, your cloud subscription also enables you to deploy it locally to their choice of hardware. While Business Central is running on your hardware, your data can be pushed to the cloud for backup and for remote staff, or you can keep it all local – it’s your choice.

Integration and Microsoft AppSource

Microsoft Business Central can be extended with off-the-shelf plug-ins from the Microsoft AppSource store. A variety of free and paid extensions allow you to collect payments via PayPal, integrate with your bank accounts, exchange data with shippers, and perform advanced calculations, like complex commissions. A wide ecosystem of providers offer webstore front-ends to sell directly to consumers or to deliver a vendor portal. And you don’t need to stick with the out-of-the-box solution – custom extensions can be built to integrate with your own systems.