TBM Unlocks the Business Value of IT

Technology Business Management (TBM) has potential to be one of the most impactful methodologies it Government Information Technology practice. Using TBM, agencies can make data-driven decisions that drive allocation of funds to the right initiatives. Using TBM gives a strategic view and and allows comparison of your IT costs with other agencies, allowing leaders to discover insights from across Government.

What is Technology Business Management?

TBM is a standard taxonomy that integrates business, technology, and costs, giving a holistic view of how IT delivers for your business initiatives and a common language for communicating the value of IT across your organization. TBM is a lingua franca that allows Business Unit, IT, and Finance leaders to have open communication about the value that IT brings to the business.

TBM was created through collaboration with large commercial organizations like ExxonMobil, Cisco, Microsoft, AIG, and MasterCard to define a taxonomy that applies across industries. The U.S. Federal Government has adopted and extended TBM to meet the unique needs of delivering government services through IT systems. Pilot projects at GSA, EPA, and the DOJ Executive Office of Immigration Review (EOIR) have shown the value of applying TBM to Federal IT Management practices.

Getting Started with TBM

The Presidents Management Agenda CAP Goal 10, Improving Outcomes through Federal IT Spending Transparency, specifically mandates the use if TBM. The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) is ramping the use TBM in the budget process with a goal of full TBM implementation in budgets by the FY2021 cycle. This transparency in planning is yielding great information about allocation ot IT costs that was not available before.

At the recent TBM Public Sector Summit, Federal early adoptors offered the advice of just getting started with TBM and show incremental value. That’s great advice, but saying it is easier than doing it. Here are several things you can do now to get started:

  • Start conversations with IT, Finance, and Business Unit leaders about improving visibility into the value and cost of IT
  • Get education on and familiarity with Technology Business Management
  • Start finding data sources, since this can be the longest lead-time activity

How Captiva Can Help

Captiva offers a suite of short-engagement consulting services to help you get started on your TBM journey. These services include TBM enablement planning, TBM readiness assessments, and TBM-driven cloud migration cost-benefit assessments. Some of these services are available via a Government Purchasing Card to help you get started quickly.


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