The Importance of Maintaining Church Safety

We unfortunately live in a world where church emergencies like active shooters are becoming more and more common. Whether the act of an individual or an organized group, these disasters not only put several people in danger, but attack everything a church stands for: being a peaceful place where people are free to worship.

Preparing for the unexpected may seem impossible, but churches must create a concrete emergency preparedness plan and train staff to ensure proper emergency response and keep congregants safe. At Captiva, we understand the importance of maintaining church safety. Our safety team of former military members and first responders are here to offer top-of-the-line training videos and resources to keep your church safe.

Ways to Improve Church Safety

If you are a church official or are involved in a church, improving church safety is crucial for ensuring this place of worship remains safe and secure. Here are a few easy ways to keep church safe:

  1. Install security cameras and keypad locks

Secure keypad locks on outside doors can keep your church locked up tight and protected, especially when not in use. Security cameras will also allow you to capture all activity around the church to review if needed. Your church can still be a welcoming, open place for your congregation but stay safe with these security measures.

  1. Create a plan

Your church should have a response plan for a few emergencies: medical emergency, active shooter, intruder, and more. Your plan should include: escape routes (for certain emergencies), procedures for congregation, giving church staff responsibilities, and developing opening and closing procedures. With a plan in place, your church will have better response to any disaster.

  1. Train, educate, and prepare your staff & congregation

Identify key members of your church staff who can assist in emergency response. Give each staff member an important role, such as having members in the audience of a service to scan for any suspicious people or activity. Talk to your congregation and make sure they understand where to go and what to do in an emergency.

  1. Use Captiva’s church safety services

Captiva offers a variety of videos and other resources to help church officials improve their church safety.

Captiva’s Church Safety Services

We are here to help you plan for the unexpected. Our trainings are designed to help church officials improve their emergency response methods.

  • Active Shooter Preparation and Response: Captiva can help you identify weak spots in your current active shooter response practices and give you the most up-to-date training so you and your staff know how to handle this emergency.
  • Medical Emergency Preparation and Response: Both minor and life-threatening medical emergencies require proper response training. We can help you create a response plan to handle medical emergencies quickly and properly.
  • Vandalism Avoidance and Response: When vandals deface your church with damage or graffiti, they are sending a threatening message. We can help improve your vandalism prevention and response plans.

Trust Captiva for Effective Church Safety Training

Make sure your church remains a safe, welcoming place of worship. We are here to help you improve your emergency preparedness and response skills with our in-depth training.

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