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A solution partner that knows how to partner

We are experts in strategy, architecture, and practical application of the Atlassian stack. We help clients extend their digital transformation journey with practices such as Agile at scale, enterprise service management, and DevOps.

We understand how large, complex organizations work, and have expertise deploying and enhancing Atlassian to meet development, architecture, and service management needs of IT organizations and the rest of the enterprise.

We know how to plan and execute migrations to Atlassian Cloud and to consolidate Atlassian Server and Data Center.

We partner closely with our clients to understand and deliver their vision, and help manage and operate their systems as needs evolve.

Reduce organizational process friction with Atlassian


Drive simplified and integrated processes across your teams to improve communication and collaboration


Optimize and tune your Atlassian platform and processes to focus on the work and achieve mission success


Deliver the most value from your Atlassian platform by reducing process friction


Atlassian’s easy-to-use and easy-to-learn platforms entice teams to communicate and focus

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Configuration and Best Practice

Make your tools and processes hum – Have your Jira workflows become a confusing jumble? Having administration nightmares? Awkward and manual integrations in your CI/CD pipelines? Take advantage of our experience to implement and optimize best practice approaches for your enterprise or team to meet your unique challenges.

Cloud and Data Center Migration

Make your Atlassian systems ready for the future – Planning and performing your Atlassian Cloud or Data Center migration will impact how it supports your long-term growth. It is common for enterprises to have multiple Server instances to merge or migrate to Data Center or Cloud, or to need to expand their single Server instance to meet enterprise needs. Our public sector customers often need to take ownership of Atlassian tools left behind by a contractor. Our experience with complex migrations can help you plan and execute any of these needs.

DevOps and DevSecOps Implementation

Bring dev and ops together to deliver faster – DevOps focus is on collaboration between people, not reliance on tools or strict adherence to process. Captiva provides training and workflow structure, followed by Atlassian automation and integration with other tools. Let us help you like we have helped others to deliver faster, more reliable code.

Scalability and Performance

Make your mission-critical system perform that way – Your Atlassian software is important to your delivery. You can’t survive if your systems perform poorly or are down. We help enterprises diagnose, repair, and scale Atlassian tools to make them the reliable, performant platform they are built to be.

Version Upgrades

Upgrades that don’t act like downgrades – Mature Atlassian deployments are often complex, with add-ons, integrated processes, custom fields, and more. Upgrading mature systems is just as complex. Our version upgrade processes can help minimize risk and downtime for complex, large-scale deployments. Don’t have a large-scale deployment, but need help? We do that too.

Prototyping and Proofs of Concept

Be sure that Atlassian is the right solution – Atlassian’s suite of tools is a powerful system that enhances the delivery of IT systems, but also provide the foundation Agile/Lean project management, IT Service Management (ITSM), and Enterprise Service Management (ESM). Let us help you decide if Atlassian is the right platform by building a proof of concept or prototype to demonstrate its effectiveness before you invest in a solution.

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