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Microsoft 365 Holistic Security

From privileges to passwords, this graphic highlights the strategies available through Microsoft 365 E5 to attain comprehensive security for employees who are always on the go.

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4 Sales Trends That You Need To Know About In 2019

From technology shifts to generational shifts, check out the changes coming down the road that sales professionals will need to embrace in order to have the most productive 2019.

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Modernize sales productivity

Cut through the distractions of the digital age with the customizable Dynamics 365 for Sales Professional. Tailor the software to suit your needs, processes, and goals.

Business Central 14 Upgrade

Captiva finally got our scheduled upgrade to Business Central 14 in our Production environment. Initial results are very promising, though we had to navigate one error that ended up with a simple solution.

After trialing and testing v14 in docker and Azure, we were satisfied that our extensions and customizations would work fine, so we scheduled the Production upgrade. We really like the changes to the interface and the speed improvements, along with the changes to make the user interface more consistent across pages.

While doing our smoke test, we started getting an error, “The administrator has made a change to the system that requires you to restart your activity” when creating new sales documents (Sales Order, Sales Invoice). After getting over the initial panic and wondering if our clients would get the same error, we tried the simplest fix – we removed cookies and reloaded the application.

Eureka! Now it’s working again like a charm. If you get the same error, give this quick fix a try.

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Intelligent security for the modern workplace

Microsoft 365 E5 security covers a broad range of functions that work together to produce an easy-to-implement, effective, and cohesive system that is backed by continuous learning through ever expanding data.

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Streamline seller workflows

Explore the possibilities and efficiencies that interconnected Dynamics 365 can bring to your sales team.

User experience overview animation

Take a stroll through the elegant Dynamics 365 Business Central interface and explore its extensive capabilities.

Don’t let Cloud security fall through the cracks

This article explores the shared responsibility between cloud and app vendors and enterprises when it comes to the security of an enterprise’s cloud information. Who is responsible for what, and what can you do to ensure your name is kept out of the headlines?

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Kelly Roofing keynote demonstration

Our examination and celebration of the Kelly Roofing success story comes full circle in this keynote demonstration. Hear the story from owner Ken Kelly himself and dive into the specific ways Kelly Roofing has utilized the capabilities of Dynamics 365 to improve efficiency and to gain valuable forward-thinking insight into their business.