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Commonly Overlooked Details in Securing Your Ministry

Because the places where we worship are peaceful, sacred spaces, we are prone to feel safe and secure in practicing our faith. It is easy to forget that these places and our activities with our fellow congregants are subject to the same issues as any other place or community. This makes it easy to overlook some common concerns.

If you are putting together a ministry safety plan or looking to improve your current one, make sure you pay attention to all possible details and scenarios. To help you create an in-depth, secure plan, here are a few questions you must consider that are commonly overlooked by churches:

How to Set Up a Safety and Security Ministry

We’ve received lots of questions about how to set up a church Safety and Security Ministry (SSM). An SSM is a new concept for many churches, and in this blog post, we are offering the process we use when consulting with churches. We look forward to your comments below about how you have set up your SSM and any other tips you would like to provide!

At a high level, our method is:

Ice and Snow and Protecting the Flock

The East Coast has been hit with snow and ice yesterday and today. If you are like many of the people along the Atlantic Seaboard, you have probably been watching the news and worrying about how you will recover from the snow and slush. Grayson, as the Weather Channel has named this storm, is like a Winter hurricane.

ATTS is a Centerpiece of the Battle Challenge at the AUSA Conference

From October 9 to 11, the Association of the United States Army (AUSA) is hosting their Annual Meeting at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC. Captiva will be demonstrating the Advanced Tactical Training System (ATTS), a product we offer as part of our Tactical Systems services, as part of the Military Battle Challenge. The AUSA is the biggest military professional development exposition in North America, with over 20,000 expected attendees. During this conference, thousands of members of the Army—including current service members, civilians, veterans, and family members join to network and discuss modern issues and news affecting the Army. About 750 organizations and 11 international partners will host exhibits over the three days to give fellow attendees a close-up look at their services, products, and upcoming events.


It won’t come as a surprise to those who know me that I don’t multitask. Not that I can’t do what we call multitasking. No, I refuse to multitask.

Looking back, it is obvious now that my mind was refusing to multitask long before I decided to do it consciously. I would lose thoughts when interrupted. I would find myself shifting focus to tasks I would rather do, only to do no tasks well. I would