Omni-Channel Retail with BigCommerce

In today’s technological world, the habits of shoppers can be a complex formula to nail down. While one generation can differ in shopping style from another, and with so many different touch points, it’s hard to know where to focus your efforts. That’s why omni-channel is so important in today’s market.

What is Omni-Channel Retail? 

It’s the ability to connect the dots between all channels (i.e. a physical store, an online store, or on social media). Omni-channel retail is designed to give a cohesive user experience for customers at every touchpoint. 

Who and How? 

There are so many variations of demographics to consider when figuring out buying behaviors of shoppers. Men and women shop similarly but differ enough to look into and specific age groups have their own patterns. You also must take in consideration location which can make a difference in shopping behavior.  

BigCommerce has some amazing insight to these patterns and why omni-channel retail is so important. Check out their Omni-Channel Retail Report for 2018 for a complete breakdown. 

Facebook and Instagram 

Making sure your customer experience crosses popular social media sites should be a no-brainer. More than 56% of online adults use more than one social media platform. Therefore, having a presence on one platform isn’t enough. Looking to get your business extended to Facebook Marketplace and Instagram? Big Commerce can help.  

Here are two great articles to get your started. 

  • Extend Your Business to Facebook Marketplace 
  • Shopping on Instagram 

Want to learn more about omni-channel retail and the best way to make shopping easier and more enjoyable? BigCommerce can do that for both sellers and customers, whatever the platform. Check out their site for their site today and see how you can build an omni-channel presence for less.

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