This is the first logo redesign and rebranding since our inception in 2005. We are happy to announce our new logo along with our renewed commitment to meet the business and technical needs of our clients.

We’ve redesigned our logo to symbolize Captiva’s revitalized approach to helping our customers continue their path towards digital transformation.

The new logotype for Captiva symbolizes our commitment to “lean in” to our customers’ business and technical problems. The logotype is simple to represent how we strive to make solutions that are easy to use and grow with. We have selected blue for our color as a symbol of mutual trust that we foster with each of our clients. And the green dot on the “i” represents the obvious – our commitment to being responsible stewards of our shared environment.

Our new symbol, featuring a tilting square, represents our view that technological transformation has the capacity to upend old ways of doing business. We’ve only tilted the symbol 22.5% because we understand, as do many of our clients, that gradual and steady transformation reduces risk and increases adoption. The letter “C” in the symbol is evocative of a wave, because once transformation begins, it spreads through an organization.

We look forward to your feedback!