We’ve used a lot of internet phone systems. We used Comcast Business. We used Skype for Business Phone System. We used 8×8 Unified Communications. And we’ve used Google Hangouts.

But the standout during our early growth phase was Grasshopper, and we still reminisce about how well it worked during the go-go phase of our business. We had sales people in the field, we had workers at home, and I was mobile most o the time. A land line wouldn’t work for this diverse crew. And I wasn’t about to publish my personal cell phone all over the place – I was getting enough spam calls as it was already.

When I found Grasshopper, it really met our needs. Each person used their cell phone to make and receive calls. Each person got their own extension and voice mail. We could set office hours to do automatic call forwarding. We had staff on site with clients who didn’t want to give their personal number. And as I business owner, I wanted to own the numbers if our staff left, so that I could reissue or make it easy if a customer tried to reach us.

Grasshopper gave us all of this. And all this at lower cost than any of the other systems we used, even to this day.

Sounds great, right? Well, Grasshopper is not for everyone. If you need call queues for a help desk, call center, or other similar need, try something else like 8×8 or RingCentral. But if you need mobility, individual extensions, business texting, faxes, and professional greetings, Grasshopper may be just what you need.

As you may know about us here at Captiva, we don’t promote something that we would not use ourselves. Grasshopper is definitely one of the products we would return to if it fit our business model. If you would like to hear more about our experience, feel free to call us or send a note via our contact form. If you want to see what Grasshopper is all about, then you can learn more by clicking the button below. We look forward to hearing from you!

Want to jump into Grasshopper (pun intended)?

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